A Letter to my Pro-Trump Friends

Dear Friend,

I know, you probably don’t want to hear from me about this subject. Yes, I have written many negative things about the man you supported for president. So perhaps you just want me to shut my trap, and won’t listen to any advice I give.

However, I will give it anyway.

I know that many of you are not Donald Trump’s biggest fans. You did not support him in the primary. He was not your first, second, or third choice. But, when faced with the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you chose the person you thought was the lesser of the two evils. While I disagree with your decision (my vote did not help Gary Johnson all that much), you had every right to make it, and it was a wholly defensible position.

My counsel to you, therefore, would be this: be on guard. To paraphrase Lord Acton, Trump corrupts, and a presidential Trump corrupts absolutely. Kellyanne Conway, who once ran a Super PAC supporting Ted Cruz and called Trump’s former support for partial-birth abortion disqualifying, now goes on television to defend the administration’s “alternative facts.” Stephen Moore, an economist affiliated with Club for Growth and the Wall Street Journal editorial page who has long advocated for free trade, now, when under the umbrella of DJT, has “seen the light” when it comes to the value of protectionism. Evangelical leaders who, when Bill Clinton committed adultery called for his removal from office, now extol President Trump, he who has bragged in public about his infidelities, as an inspiring man. Look around your Facebook feeds — or even look at yours — and see people praising and honoring things and behaviors that, two years ago, or had Barack Obama or some other liberal done them, you would be decrying as uncouth, un-American, and immoral. Many who, however reluctantly, supported Trump soon thereafter changed their tune. In Jonah Goldberg’s comparison, they are like the characters in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Donald Trump (…grits teeth…) will do some good things. When he does, you should celebrate them. However, I plead with you not to give up your principles just because your president has none. I implore you not to ignore his blatant disregard for morality because he is on your team. Hold him to account. Don’t let him get away with lying just because you don’t like the media. Don’t let the coarsening effect of his language make you any less polite and respectful to all people. Don’t for one second allow his pride, his arrogance, his quickness to take offense, his dishonesty, or his disrespect rub off on you.

For those policies he enacts that you support, support them. But do not support him as a man. Do not fall for his con. For you know that one who would not fulfill his marriage vows or his vows to pay contractors is not likely to fulfill his vows to us.

All the best,


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